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Connect Indian Bloggers

Hello Co-bloggers and friends

This post is used for finding and grouping Indian bloggers together.Please feel free to do and follow some rules.




1.Share this post  to your blog and link to Indian bloggers too.

2.And Write bio a short paragraph.

3.Attach image of your interesting place or thing  in India.

4.And ask 5 question to you Listed Indian bloggers.

5.List Indian bloggers with name and blog.

Answer the Question Below.

1.Your view about Indian Culture.

2.About your Place and location?

3.Write about Indian authors

4.About future India

5.Write about your blog aiming?

List of Indian bloggers


Kunal Sehgal

Janak Mistry

Pooja Gupta 

  Jeny John

Harshda Mangal

About Cyril

My self Cyril P Abraham,25-year old Software engineer,blogger living in India, Kerala( Gods own Country). This is my personal blog, I’m also working with blogs like share your articles, share your stories, share your ideas ,tips and tools,fashion and sports, health and fitness.Some of my friends, family member’s and co-blogger’s also supporting with these blogs.

Interesting places to travel.

Kashmir, Delhi.




My Blog targeting

This is my personal blog. Providing personal information and skills through blogging. Supporting WordPress Co-bloggers also.

Thanks Cyril

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7 thoughts on “Connect Indian Bloggers

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  2. how does this work??

    • You have to follow the procedure listed above so that we can form Indian bloggers together.Please ask your question based on India as your wish..and link to indian bloggers.
      Thanks Cyril

  3. the first step is that i would have to reblog this post and where do i have to write the short bio??

    • hey friend Don’t reblog..You can select and write a fresh post, rules are same…copy the post.and write your bio,question,bloggers link etc…and publish.Then the link send to bloggers about page.Feel free to contact.
      Via mail here we can discuss new thoughts and ideas.
      Thanks Cyril

  4. Tamilini on said:

    good start:)

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