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A girl♥♥

♥♥ A girl never548887_558884997485780_990664618_n
express her liking for a
Thinking boy should
express first …
A boy never express
with a fear of
losing her as a friend
That’s why some love
stories end
before it starts… ♥

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17 thoughts on “A girl♥♥

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  2. I can relate. haha. This is true, sometimes you have to save the friendship 🙂

    • Yes its depends..I will Publish soon another thoughts..Of boys..

      • I’ll wait for that. haha

      • done..I’m missing my girl friend now.she now facing some problemz…

      • Hope it will be fixed. Hoping for the best of your relationship 😀

      • Thanks friend,,Then What up?

      • I’m good. Just wondering, who is the guy on your display picture? you have different picture on about me page. hehe

      • Ha ha lol..The gravatar pics from google image..I think was model guy..Then..please give some guidelines about book review process..Please go through this one..this help you too.

      • hahahaha. Why didn’t you post your own pic? Okay. Thanks for this. Maybe I can send some of my book review here. Thanks.

      • Okay thanks thats it via mail.accept yahoo request.
        I started 2 years ago my first me choose different images..then few months ago me start my personal blog.If any problem while using different images

      • ah okay. Anyway, I’ll send it via email. Thanks my friend. I also started blogging 2 years ago (I was 15) but that time I’m just like doing my personal diary. But I just decided to put my blog on the next level last year. 🙂

      • Ok fine Great time with blog..My younger sisters also started few months ago..with my inspiration and teaching..How was the experience with blogging?Please write articles or stories about..writing experience..or WordPress can anything write via this blog..Bloggers friendly platform here…All the best.also share friends to about this blog.
        Thanks Cyril

      • It would be an honor if I write via that blog. Anyway, the experience is really priceless, since you get to know with different people and I can explore my knowledge in writing. It’s really a great experience to expand and share our talent through blogging and wordpress. Right? 🙂 I also co-author 2 other blogs. God bless you my friend!

      • You too all the best for your future blogging.Keep in touch.Cyril

  3. Hahaha that was funny but it is really true sometimes!!!

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