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Two Finger Test: A Call for Obliteration

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By Megha Shankar

“Failure of good governance is the obvious root cause for the current unsafe environment, eroding the rule of law and the want of knee-jerk legislation.”

Two-finger Test (TFT), ordinarily referred to as Virginity test, has become a new trend in many countries, especially India, where it is widely executed. The test is the practice and process of inspecting the genitalia of girls and women to ascertain whether they are sexually chaste. The doctors who conduct this test are mostly males. It is based on the false notion that a woman’s hymen can only be ripped off as a result of sexual intercourse. But the absence of hymen cannot be considered as an indicator that the girl is virgin. It is because hymen can be eroded by a number of other factors such as sports, etc. It is very sad to see that such bugaboos still persist in…

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