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Birth Day

Birth day 


Thank God, Birth day of a human being makes feeling something different form other.Wishes from friends and family ,,celebration ,outing ,Focusing on new challenges and goal for the next year.I think celebrating birth day for each person giving an notification for we are growing in this beautiful world,Thats Amazing and reminding about our past future.This year makes me lot of changes ,so looking back to one year,about the achievements and challenges what i had made.Looking forwarded to focus more challenge and goals

5 best Birth Day Challenges.

1.Being Thank you full for parents and Family

2.Lets Celebrate

3.Birth Day month Will be challenging and Goal Oriented Focus More

4.Plan and Prepare for the Next Year.

5.Give your support with Helping Hands

Amazing Lets Growing 

Celebrating 27th B day in UAE soil that getting new experience with Family and Friends .Missing My family in Native  ,Molu and im remembering  My last Bday when i was in  Mumbai ,India

My Fam

With Mom And Sisters


With Dad

Thank You 

Thank God for giving blessed day,Thank my friends and bloggers sharing wonder full quotes and Bday wishes.

Thank You

Thank You

Here I’m posting some warm wishes from friends

By Ilyas Biçen

HAPPY BIRTHDAY The more life looks to God who is the Ever-Living and Self-Subsistent One, and the more belief becomes the life and spirit of life, the more it becomes perpetual and produces enduring fruits. It also becomes so elevated that it receives the manifestation of eternity; it no longer looks to the brevity or length of a lifetime.

I go through  amazing Post by Karen A. Kubicko

“Life is all about the experiences. It is not the material things you remember … In all the past lives that others have shared with me, it is the experiences that are remembered a majority of the time… And the people in that life with you. You have those memories with you forever and throughout many lifetimes.”

Here Continuing More Wishes Message from Friends And Family

Great Day Regards Cyril@ThinkPositive

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4 thoughts on “Birth Day

  1. I agree. Beautiful family and good words.

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