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Wishes From Friends And Lovely Thoughts

Thank You 

Thank God for giving blessed day,Thank my friends and bloggers sharing wonder full quotes and Bday wishes.

Thank You

Thank You


Here I’m posting some warm wishes from friends

By Ilyas Biçen

HAPPY BIRTHDAY The more life looks to God who is the Ever-Living and Self-Subsistent One, and the more belief becomes the life and spirit of life, the more it becomes perpetual and produces enduring fruits. It also becomes so elevated that it receives the manifestation of eternity; it no longer looks to the brevity or length of a lifetime.

I go through  amazing Post by Karen A. Kubicko

“Life is all about the experiences. It is not the material things you remember … In all the past lives that others have shared with me, it is the experiences that are remembered aScreenshot_2015-08-22-17-49-11 majority of the time… And the people in that life with you. You have those memories with you forever and throughout many lifetimes.”

By Choitalyk Ruman There couldn’t be a better day
To take a chance to say,
That you are wished a joy and luck-
Be happy everyday! !! God bless you !!



Warm wish and Video Shared By Kathy Keen(Happy Bday to you to )

Thanks And Regards

Cyril P Abraham

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How is week end?

Hey co-bloggers and is your week end going?


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