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Chating With friend Shivani..Inspiring talk

C hating with a Friend

i have struggled more..
that is why I’m helping others..
i will help with my two hands..and with my limited knowledge..
Never say I have struggled…. cos that would be giving importance to the struggle.
Always focus on the fact that u have done wonderfully well through the struggle.
Yes the thought of making a difference to others is good
N keep that up
Never say what u r doing …. always show what u can do …. that is the mark of difference…
U be urself
N do n say what u feel is right
Never change for anyone…. if u do wanna change something then do it for urself
At last Shivani…I m.not a great person but I m glad u r using the medium to reach out to others
Thanks..Shivani for sharing with great thoughts and spending time with me..
All the best for your life and works..
Thanks And Regards

Mis You molu

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You and me

You and me


A girl♥♥

♥♥ A girl never548887_558884997485780_990664618_n
express her liking for a
Thinking boy should
express first …
A boy never express
with a fear of
losing her as a friend
That’s why some love
stories end
before it starts… ♥

I’m Busy with Some Project.I will be back soon.

Hello C0-bloggers I’m busy with some projects.Keep in touch


I have No internet connection before 2 days..I’m working word press on internet cafe shop.Because of pending payment of internet connection >After connecting internet on my computer.go through browser via website the shows your check your payment status and contact service provider.

Snaps shots

Bill Pending snaps


Always Keep in touch Co-bloggers.

Thanks And Regards


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