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Never Make anyone “Very Special”

Never Make anyone “Very Special”cal
In ur Life….
Whn They “Change”,
U Don’t “Hate” Them ..
Instead U Start “HatinG” Urself… ♥ 😦 😥
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Mis You molu

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You and me

You and me


Happy Meeting day.

Happy Meeting day.

There is something I can in your eyes that no one else can see. It’s the real you, The you that you don’t let people see, But I do and I love her

You And Me

Thank God for the meeting held two years ago.

You and me

You and me

Two Years ago.I met my girl friend.At that time both of us are in thrill and excitation for the first meeting.She is more anxiety in the first meeting.It was her the first experience and had done alone.So she is more confused and anxiety.At that time my feeling is same.But finally met together and now we are living happy.I love  my girl.Thanks for the wonder full life with I’m enjoy and living happily with you.Thanks

Any way Happy meeting day to my girl friend

By Cyril

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